Your Top 5 Business Schools

Rankings published by various publications should not dictate where an MBA hopeful applies

Many participants on the Bloomberg Businessweek Business School Forum spend lots of time debating the merits and pitfalls of business school rankings. While most admissions experts will tell them that rankings published by various publications, including Bloomberg Businessweek, are excellent starting points for research about MBA programs, they should not dictate where an MBA hopeful applies. Indeed, the advice has always been for applicants to come up with their own list of preferred business schools based on their wants, needs, and career goals.

Recently, a forum participant, HaveAQuestion, began a discussion thread that asks others to come up with their own personalized business school ranking. The question is a good one, and it's worth considering for those thinking of applying to MBA programs. To chime in with your own top five faves or to see what others think, you can visit the "What is Your Top 5?" discussion thread.

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