US still top for MBA students, despite Trump

The 2017 CarringtonCrisp “Business of Branding Study” found that the US led the UK, Canada and Australia as the most popular destinations among globally mobile business education students.

“In North America, 71% of MBA applications were from overseas as were 60% of enrolled students”

The survey asked both undergraduate and postgraduate students of their study destination preferences, and among undergraduates the UK dropped significantly. Although seen as second only to the US overall, undergraduates indicated they were less likely to choose the UK and it dropped to fourth place when only their responses were taken into account.

However, global political events have had an effect on where business students chose to study, the survey found.

Taking into account the election of President Trump, and the “conduct” of the 2016 presidential election, 40.46% of respondents said they were not as likely to choose the US as a study destination.

Brexit appears to have had a similar, if less dramatic, effect.

According to CarringtonCrisp, over 28% of international business students said they were now “less likely” to choose the UK as a study destination.

However, nearly 60% of respondents said the British decision to leave the European Union had “made no difference to [their] view about studying in the UK”. Only 39% responded to the election of President Trump in that manner.

Importantly, however, chief executive of the Association of MBA’s Andrew Main Wilson pointed out these figures are based on intention, rather than actual enrolments.

“While the study shows that international students may think harder about studying in the UK or US, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will not, in real terms,” he told The PIE News...
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