Domestic MBA Candidates May Lose Out To Internationals

Domestic MBA Candidates May Lose Out To Internationals Domestic MBA candidates may face missing out on places at some business schools in Europe this year.

Candidates from outside a school's main region are more likely to gain admission to MBA programs, according to a former admissions director at Columbia Business School, while some schools place a cap on domestic candidates, and others defer local candidates for a year to keep their cohorts diverse.

Frank Fletcher who is head of recruitment at Belgium’s Vlerick Business School, considered one of the world’s best in the MBA rankings, said that “we enrol a limited number of Dutch students” for its MBA, to keep the class international.

Data compiled by the Financial Times based on the MBA class of 2013 show that only 19% of Vlerick’s MBA students are from Belgium.

Most European business schools enrol a huge number of international students, compared to the US where there are more domestic students studying for MBA degrees. They argue that this makes a class more “diverse” – increasing learning and employment opportunities.

Several European business schools contacted by BusinessBecause said they factor a candidate’s geographical background into their admissions processes, although some said they do not look at this factor in isolation.

Humphrey Sopakuwa, an advisor responsible for recruitment at the Netherlands’ Tias Business School, also ranked in the top-100, said that “we receive a lot of applications from certain regions and at one point during the admissions cycle we would probably not consider applications”.

According to rankings data, 100% of Tias’ MBA students registered a citizenship which differs from the Netherlands, suggesting the school admitted no domestic students last year...

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