5.1.2. Off Campus search

Always perform an off-campus search (to supplement, not replace, the on-campus search). Even if hundreds of companies recruit at your school, thousands don’t. Among those, you might find your dream job, or one close to it. Some tips:

– Use the Internet. Searching for a job through the Internet is becoming increasingly popular with both, recruiters and candidates. With very little effort, you could wind up being surprised by a great opportunity. Most web-sites are very general. Others, however, address specifically MBA recruiting, specific functional areas or specific groups. (? Getting a Job section provides extensive links to job related sites).

– Perform a top-down search: When you interview on-campus, you have to choose among the companies recruiting. By searching off-campus, you can begin with selecting the industry you like (usually the best industry for your skills), the top companies within the field (those you admire), and then find the position you really desire within those companies. Getting that job might require an extra effort on your side, but the result can be very rewarding.

– Search in your home country: Even if your goal is a job in the US, it might be wise to search in your home country. Not only will that serve as a backup, but also you might get in touch with valuable people (for networking purposes) or even find local companies looking for people to work in the US. (? Getting a Job/Finding a job in…)

– Visit other school’s Placement Offices: Most Business Schools now publish at least a partial list of companies recruiting on-campus. Visit them to get an idea of which companies do not recruit at your school, but do so at others – they should know about MBA recruiting, and maybe even about international MBA recruiting. When contacting these companies, you will have an advantage over those applicants from the school they recruit from – you took the initiative. At the same time, you are at a disadvantage – they do not recruit at your school for a reason, and logistically it will be harder to arrange an interview (costlier). (? Programs/Career Services lists major B-Schools and links to their placement office and information).

Keep in mind, however, that the off-campus job search for a summer internship is not easy. Most companies (except those that recruit on-campus) do not have a MBA internship program, so be prepared to negotiate (anything from the length of the work to the compensation) and to craft your internship (tell them what you can do for them, instead of waiting for them to offer).