4.1. Language and culture

Your different language and culture can be a disadvantage; but at the same time, can be a great asset for many firms. You add diversity to the company, and the firm may understand and exploit different markets and population segments, through you.

How to exploit:

Find companies that might need your skills. Look for companies investing in your country or region (e.g. if you are from Brazil, look for US companies about to begin investing in the country). Find companies trying to enter the “ethnic” market related to your country origin in the US (e.g. if you are from China, find companies entering the Chinese-American market). Keep in touch with local ethnic groups and read trade magazines to find out which companies are in those positions.

Ask about investment plans: It is a good practice to ask interviewers about investment plans in your country or region. Not only will the answer give you a good idea about the company’s interest in the region (and thus its interest in you), but will also signal your interest and availability to work in a related project.