Are You A Food Innovator? Skip Wharton; Try This New B-School

Are You A Food Innovator? Skip Wharton; Try This New B-School For most careers, there’s nothing like advanced business training from the likes of Wharton, Stanford or Harvard. But if you’re a food-obsessed innovator, maybe you want a curriculum that emphasizes baguettes along with balance sheets; organics as well as org charts. If so, the Culinary Institute of America is rolling out what may become the tastiest B-school in America.

Say hello to the Food Business School (FBS), a Culinary Institute creation aimed both at emerging entrepreneurs and established managers wanting to touch up their skills. The school will be led by William Rosenzweig — who won his entrepreneurial chops as the founding CEO of Republic of Tea, and who more recently has been an active faculty member at the University of California (Berkeley)’s Haas School of Business.

Rosenzweig says the FBS will provide two main teaching tracks. For people already established in the food industry, he will focus on short, three- to four-day immersion programs with a brainstorming focus. These will be akin to the short, executive-education programs offered by traditional business schools. They will start early next year...

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