Your MBA Career

It is never to early to start planning you career search

  • Get familiar with the process: check yoour school's
    placement office. Get all the material you can, meet the staff, and learn about their
    procedures. Don't miss their workshops.

  • Browse through's
    Getting a Job section
    You will get a clear picture of what the process looks
    like, and what kind of resources are available.

  • Talk to 2nd year MBAs: They will tell you what to
    expect, and will guide you through some of the important decisions.

  • Plan your Curriculum: Although most schools impose a
    mandatory core curriculum, you should still start planning your future choices, as they
    can significantly impact your career search. Consider choices like dual degrees, taking
    courses at other schools and improving other language skills.

  • Plan your extra-curricular activities: Joining
    clubs, student government and other organizations can improve your leadership skills and
    your resume.

  • Start researching companies and careers: Begin with href="getjob6.shtml">ForeignMBA's Company Research section.

  • Start putting together your resume: You have plenty
    of time before your polished resume is due for distribution by the Placement Office.
    However, you can start gathering your information and putting it all together.

  • Have you considered entrepreneurship ? If this is
    something you are considering, you need to start working right ahead - you need to find
    other student's with similar interests, find out about Business Plan competitions, and so

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