Today’s MBA candidates have a clearer vision for the future

Business school applicants consider applying to fewer programmes and are more focused on a particular postgraduate career path according to a new study by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC).

The 2016 Prospective Students Survey Report was conducted amongst 10,000 individuals worldwide. The survey showed that on average, prospective students considered 2.8 programme types in 2015, down from 3.1 in 2014. For their postgraduate careers, 71 per cent of those surveyed cited a single industry of interest, compared with 58 per cent in 2014. In addition, 61 per cent of prospective students cited a single job function of interest, compared with 46 per cent in 2014.

According to GMAC the current status of the economy might play a role in this phenomenon as prospective students may perceive it to be easier to go after their "dream job" in this market compared with the post-recession years.

The other interesting outcome of the survey was that students seem to show greater interest in specialised business master's programmes. One-fourth (23 per cent) are considering only specialised business master's programmes, such as Master of Accounting or Master of Finance, which represents an increase since 2009, when just 15 per cent of candidates were considering only specialized master's programmes. Slightly more than a quarter, or 28 per cent, are considering both MBA and specialised business master's programmes whereas 50 per cent of prospective students are still only going for MBA programmes.

In Western Europe, however, the pipeline has notably shifted toward specialised (pre-experience) business master's programmes, especially within the past seven years. In 2009, 49 per cent of prospective students were considering only MBA programmes and 22 per cent were considering only specialised business master's programmes. In 2015, the tables have turned with 36 per cent considering only MBA programmes and 45 per cent considering only specialised master's programmes...

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