Steve Jobs: 4 Lessons for MBA Applicants

Actionable lessons that you can use in your MBA applications

Steve Jobs never finished college, not to mention graduate business school, but he became a legendary business leader. As the world stops to consider the enormous contribution of this visionary, I also was thinking about his legacy, and after fifteen years as an MBA admissions consultant, I couldn't help but think about lessons for MBA applicants. These lessons are not just about his showmanship, or the laundry list of products he helped to create, or the organizations he founded and grew, or his lengthy battle with cancer and untimely death. I want to look beyond the headlines and the tributes for actionable lessons that you can use in your MBA applications.

Impact No one expects an applicant to have had Jobs-ian impact, but a successful application to a top business school has to show that your involvement made a difference. What have you created? Innovated? Grown? It could be a church group. A band. A club. Wherever it was, show how you contributed.
Creativity and initiative. As CNN observed "Time after time, he sold people on a product they didn't know they needed until he invented it." So he had the creativity to invent it " and the initiative to move forward on his plans whether it was the Apple I, the Apple II, the Mac, the iPod, the iPad, or myriad other products. When have you taken the initiative to solve a problem, design a new system, or create a new event. I'm not talking about tons of technical details involved in the process;the tributes to Jobs also aren't. The creativity and initiative are evidenced by his results--and there's that word again " impact...

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