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Top Business Schools in Hong Kong, ordered by Twitter followers

#B-SchoolLocationFwersFwingSinceTweetsListsLast TweetVerft15usn15bw14eiu15for15
1Hong Kong University of Science & Technology – HKUST
Clear Water Bay
Hong Kong
2University of Hong Kong – School of Business
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
3Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

All Twitter data is updated daily, for each B-school’s official Twitter account. The folkowing data is presented:

Fwers: number of followers
Fwing: number of accounts it is following.
Since: date since the account is active (MM/YYYY)
Tweets: number of updates the account has posted since it was created
Lists: number of Twitter lists the account has been added to
Last Tweet: date the last tweet was posted in by the used (MM/DD/YYYY)
Ver: a checkmark indicates the account has been verified by TwitterRanking columns:

ft15: Financial Times MBA ranking 2015
usn15: US News & World Report MBA ranking 2015
bw14: Businessweek MBA ranking 2014
eiu15: The Economist MBA ranking 2015
for15: Forbes MBA ranking 2015