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Revenuesin us$ '000. Taken from different sources including Fortune, Consulting News, and company sites
F1000Fortune 1000 ranking
BestFortune's best companies to work for
GlobalFortune's Global 500 ranking
PrefCompanies preferred by MBAs, by Universum
JungleListed on MBA Jungle's list of MBA recruiters
VaultListed as one of Vault's 50 Top MBA recruiters
HiresWhether this company hires or not international MBA students for work in the US (Y=yes, N=no, M=maybe)
MBA Job Search Fatigue? Take a Timeout (Bloomberg, 02/27/2013)

Mobilize MBA edge and get hired (The Star, 02/13/2013)

Do MBAs Make Better CEOs? (Businessweek.com , 12/28/2012)
MBAs are significantly less likely to be among the most ineffective corporate leaders
MBA Hiring Remains Strong Despite Downtick in Student Optimism (marketwatch.com, 06/25/2012)
Individuals with strong educational backgrounds and a diverse set of skills are in demand regardless of economic conditions
Wall Street: Is the Party Over for MBAs? (Businessweek.com , 02/07/2012)
The global financial services industry is hemorrhaging jobs of all sorts
Keeping up with the MBAs (ft.com , 12/04/2011)
Business school graduates with certain types of qualification have seen their salaries keep pace with inflation better than others
MBA, But No Job? It's Time to Become an Entrepreneur (Huffington Post, 12/02/2011)
There really is strength to the theory that now could be a great time to go solo
MBAs focus on entrepreneurship (The Guardian, 11/14/2011)
Working for yourself is ever more appealing as jobs vanish. As a result, the content of online MBAs is shifting
The Online MBA Salary Blues (Businessweek.com , 08/22/2011)
If the Kelley Direct online MBA program is any guide, graduates of Kenan-Flagler's new MBA@UNC program shouldn't expect a salary windfall
5 things MBA students must do before they graduate (Rediff, 07/01/2011)
Graduating this year? You are still five steps away from getting that dream job
Doors of opportunity open again for MBAs (ft.com , 06/27/2011)
From luxury goods to consultancy and technology to pharmaceuticals, in 2011 jobs are back across the board
Use an M.B.A. to Change Careers (US News , 06/24/2011)
So-called "career switchers" look upon the degree as a way to expand international job opportunities, develop the right connections for future employment, and establish the potential for long-term income and financial stability
Small Companies: The MBA Road Not Taken (Businessweek.com , 06/24/2011)
They may lack the prestige of big companies, but in many ways small companies and MBAs have much to offer one another
MBA Pay: The $3.6 Million Degree (Businessweek.com , 06/15/2011)
New research into long-term MBA pay suggests you get what you pay for. Top schools like Harvard, Wharton, and Stanford leave the rest of the pack in the dust
MBA in Job-Hunting? (Inside Higher Ed, 06/10/2011)
Helping new M.B.A.s find jobs upon graduation has now become a central task of the modern business school... but
Slowdown over? MBA job offers suggest so (Indiatimes.com, 05/11/2011)
A global management education survey conducted in 2011, shows that the market for B-school graduates seems rather robust
MBA Students Give Career Services a New Assignment (Businessweek.com , 04/15/2011)
B-school career offices chase a new breed of employer as students look beyond Wall Street
Harvard MBA Index Flashes 'Sell' Warning (CNBC, 03/20/2011)
Designed by a former banking analyst and Harvard Business School alumnus named Ray Soifer, the Harvard Business School Index looks at what portion of Harvard Business School graduates take “market-sensitive jobs”
For MBA Applicants, Economy Doesn't Matter (Businessweek.com , 03/08/2011)
The vast majority of prospective business school students said they plan to attend business school, regardless of economic conditions, according to a new survey from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) released today
Optimist with MBA lands the job (Futurity.org, 02/01/2011)
MBA graduates with an overall optimistic outlook spend less time and effort searching for jobs and receive offers more quickly, research shows
Better Days Ahead for MBA Job Seekers (Businessweek.com , 01/25/2011)
With the MBA job market on the rebound, 2011 will likely bring good news, particularly for students seeking to enter consulting and financial services
MBA hiring: Back with a vengeance (fortune.com , 01/14/2011)
While U.S. unemployment remains stubbornly close to 10%, job prospects for this year's class of MBAs are looking considerably brighter.
Hiring Prospects Improve for M.B.A. Grads in 2011 (WSJ College , 01/10/2011)
More companies are planning to hire business school graduates in 2011 but most aren't planning to offer higher salaries, according to a survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council, which administers the GMAT business-school exam.
For MBAs, Breaking Even is a More Distant Dream (Businessweek.com , 01/06/2011)
Higher tuition and lower starting salaries mean it now takes MBAs nearly a year longer to earn back their B-school investment than it did in 2008
Top B-School Stories of 2010 (Businessweek.com , 12/20/2010)
Hiring improved, applications tanked, two top programs got overhauls, and three more found new leaders. And that was just the beginning
Foreigners Attending US Grad Schools Way Down: Wake Up, Xenophobes (TechCrunch, 08/23/2009)
It’s happening: Lou Dobbs’ dream come true and Silicon Valley’s worst nightmare. We’re already seeing the reverse brain drain as smart immigrants take their US educations and experience building companies and creating technology back to their home co
Crazy for a Job: Options for MBAs Without Jobs (Businessweek.com , 06/17/2009)
New grads needing work can choose between three strategies. Jack and Suzy Welch like the boldest one best
In Search of Jobs, MBAs Take Off the Gloves (Businessweek.com , 06/01/2009)
A dismal job market has MBA students, graduates, and alumni competing like never before. The only rule: There are no rules
MBA Pay: A Crystal Ball (Businessweek.com , 02/11/2009)
Exclusive new research shows how much graduates of top business schools earn over the course of their careers
What now for MBAs? (BNET, 02/10/2009)
Even in a down economy, MBAs can still navigate a great career path — if they know where to look
MBA Job Outlook Dims (Businessweek.com , 02/09/2009)
New research suggests fewer companies will be hiring MBAs this year, and salaries in tech, financing, and manufacturing will be flat or down
B-Schools Wary on Lehman, Merrill Impact (Businessweek.com , 09/17/2008)
As the financial landscape shifts, B-schools are busy reaching out to nervous students whose job prospects are suddenly far from certain
A Patch for the H-1B Visa System? (inc.com , 04/03/2008)
The H-1B visa debate is heating up once again, as the government beg...
Bump or Bust for MBA Jobs? (Businessweek.com , 01/24/2008)
Job cuts and a looming recession threaten the hiring outlook, but the big banks and other employers don't plan to slow their recruiting
What Executives Really Think of MBAs (BNET, 01/01/2008)
Recruiters and managers long have touted MBA-holders as the panacea for business problems, but recently, the view within the executive ranks has become more nuanced. Here’s what an assortment of experienced executives had to say about the prospect of
Storm Clouds on the Job Hunt Horizon (Businessweek.com , 10/30/2007)
While most recruiters are still seeking MBAs despite a shaky economy, many B-school students are hedging their bets and accepting early offers
Part-Time MBAs: Job Fairs for Us, Too (Businessweek.com , 10/24/2007)
As more part-time students pay their own way, they're asking for the same access to recruiters traditionally reserved for full-timers
What Executives Really Think of MBAs (BNET, 10/23/2007)
Recruiters and managers long have touted MBA-holders as the panacea for business problems, but recently, the view within the executive ranks has become more nuanced. Here’s what an assortment of experienced executives had to say about the prospect of
Questions You Can Skip When Applying for Jobs (CollegeJournal.com, 10/09/2007)
Many companies require job seekers to complete online applications. Perri Capell offers advice on omitting information that might affect your interview chances.
Leaving School With a New Career (Businessweek.com , 07/30/2007)
Abby Scott, director of MBA career services at UC-Berkeley, explains why using B-school to switch your job focus may be a good move
Students for Sale (Businessweek.com , 07/01/2007)
How B-School professors act as talent scouts for corporations--and what they get in return
A Visa Squeeze for Foreign MBAs (Businessweek.com , 05/17/2007)
With H1-B visas oversubscribed, grads, schools, employers, and legislators are scrambling for alternatives
IE's Take on the Global Job Hunt (Businessweek.com , 05/16/2007)
The head of the Instituto de Empresa career center talks about the European job market and how the Spanish school helps students in the job search
Why It's Time to Broaden Your Job Search Beyond the Big Boards (WSJ College , 05/15/2007)
More employers are advertising career opportunities on niche Web sites that cater to specific career fields and geographic locations.
A Season of Plenty (Businessweek.com , 05/08/2007)
This promises to be a record year for hiring fresh MBA talent. Grads are urged to learn the art of juggling multiple job offers
Survey: MBAs Search for Google (Businessweek.com , 05/07/2007)
In a new study of ideal employers, search-engine giant Google has topped consulting stalwart McKinsey
Who's Wooing Who at Wisconsin (Businessweek.com , 05/03/2007)
The Midwest is the main destination for most of the school's MBAs, and the school boasts a core of regional recruiters
How Blogs Are Changing The World of Recruiting (CollegeJournal.com, 04/10/2007)
Many employers and search professionals now use Web journals to find potential job candidates and check for digital dirt.
Why Headhunters Won't Help an M.B.A.'s Search (CollegeJournal.com, 01/30/2007)
Perri Capell identifies appropriate resources for a recent graduate seeking a corporate strategy or analysis position.
Placing Kenan-Flagler Grads (Businessweek.com , 01/28/2007)
The head of UNC's career management center discusses its programs for MBAs and the encouraging market for 2007
What B-Schoolers Lust For Now (Businessweek.com , 01/24/2007)
These days, private equity is the No. 1 object of desire. But jobs are scarce
Do's and Don'ts for Emailing Cover Letters and Resumes (CollegeJournal.com, 11/20/2006)
Perri Capell on why the email address you send from matters, and whether to attach your pitch to employers.
Both Sides of the Fence (Businessweek.com , 11/15/2006)
The director of Wharton's MBA career office worked as a recruiter, so she understands what recruiters want and what her students need
Mother Knows Best? M.B.A. Moms on Careers (WSJ College , 10/24/2006)
Women bschool grads whose daughters have entered the workplace share their insights on climbing the ladder.
Will Online M.B.A. Help New Mom's Job Hunt? (CollegeJournal.com, 08/28/2006)
Perri Capell on how hiring managers are likely to view a professional's strategy for returning to work after a career break
Attracting Gay MBAs (Businessweek.com , 08/09/2006)
Financial services firms are making more of an effort to recruit and keep gay employees, and activist groups are helping smooth the way
Recruiters Are Using Games to Assess M.B.A.s (CollegeJournal.com, 08/08/2006)
While performing well isn't a prerequisite for employment, students could spoil their chances if they bomb out, says Ronald Alsop.
The MBA Route to Google (Businessweek.com , 07/23/2006)
When recruiting at B-schools, the search engine extraordinaire seeks candidates with a good technical grounding, says recruiter Judy Gilbert
Puffed-Up Paychecks (Businessweek.com , 05/30/2006)
With the economy strong, MBAs are once again saying "more bucks already" -- and it's working. Salaries are high, both in the U.S. and abroad
International Mobility at Oxford (Businessweek.com , 05/18/2006)
Two-thirds of Oxford MBAs find jobs outside their native countries, providing an extra challenge to the school's career-services office
Managing Career Change at London (Businessweek.com , 03/28/2006)
Most London Business School students are making career shifts. The school's career-services office is there to help manage the process
The Jobs Come Looking for Grads (Businessweek.com , 03/21/2006)
The class of 2006 is seeing the best employment market since the dot-com bust. The highest demand, not surprisingly, is for business students
We'll Always Have Ithaca (Businessweek.com , 02/21/2006)
Even with a good hiring market, B-school grads need advice and support, says Cornell Career Management Center's Karin Ash
Thunderbird Reaches Out (Businessweek.com , 02/14/2006)
Events such as Career Week and school-sponsored trips help Thunderbird MBAs crack the global job market, says the school's Kip Harrell
The Career View from Wharton (Businessweek.com , 02/01/2006)
The head of the school's career management office talks about trends in company recruiting and MBA hiring
Stanford B-School Pitches a "Premium Product" (Businessweek.com , 01/31/2006)
A small class means fewer on-campus recruiters, so students often find jobs through alumni, says Career Management Center Director Andy Chan
Inside Cox's Career Counseling (Businessweek.com , 01/25/2006)
Assistant Dean George Johnson talks about services available to students at SMU's Cox School of Business
MBAs Who Double Up (Businessweek.com , 01/11/2006)
Although it involves a huge investment of time and money, a dual-degree program can be the ticket to an upgraded career
Internship Offers Are Too Early for M.B.A.s (CollegeJournal.com, 01/10/2006)
While business schools typically roll out the red carpet for recruiters, some campuses are starting to resist the early marketing push.
Underused College Tool: Campus Career Services (CollegeJournal.com, 01/04/2006)
Graduating seniors and alumni often overlook a rich resource for job-search and career guidance.
Recruiter Interview: The Outlook For High-Level Hiring in 2006 (WSJ College , 01/03/2006)
A search executive shares his forecast, plus where pay is headed and what personality trait is under the interview microscope.
A Recruiter's Outlook On High-Level Hiring (WSJ College , 01/03/2006)
A search executive shares his forecast plus where pay is headed and what's under the microscope in interviews.
A Heady Job Market for MBAs (Businessweek.com , 12/30/2005)
After some lackluster years, 2005 B-school grads are fielding multiple offers -- and the outlook remains upbeat, recruitment experts say
Tis the Season for Parties—and Job Hunting! (fortune.com , 12/13/2005)
With all the year-end office parties and holiday gatherings, this is a good time to land a new position for 2006. Here’s how to network at these festivities.
Demand for Hispanic MBAs Is Caliente (Businessweek.com , 12/04/2005)
The rapidly growing Hispanic population in the U.S. has companies hunting executives who are tuned into the language and culture
Business-Schools Shoot to Score With Sports-Management Courses (WSJ College , 11/08/2005)
Professionals looking to break into big-league careers get an assist from M.B.A. programs.
Job-Market Outlook Reveals A Solid Recovery for M.B.A.s (WSJ College , 09/27/2005)
Recruiters are returning to business-school campuses in full force this year. Plus, a list of the b-schools with the highest-paid grads and what they're earning.
Getting Hired Full Time After an Internship (CollegeJournal.com, 08/23/2005)
Use these tips to help secure a job offer as the summer winds down.
Employers Step Up Courtship of M.B.A.s (CollegeJournal.com, 08/09/2005)
As business-school hiring picks up, companies are intensifying their recruiting efforts, Ronald Alsop reports.
FBI, CIA, SEC Competing With Consulting Firms to Recruit MBAs! (About.com, 07/23/2005)
Finally, even law enforcers recognize the skills that MBAs bring to the table. An article (free registration required) in the New York Times today, quotes Harold Tate, chief of the C.I.A.'s recruitmen
At B-School, Real Estate Is the New Dot-Com (CollegeJournal.com, 07/12/2005)
Ronald Alsop reports on how M.B.A. students are flocking to real-estate classes.
"The Extra Things" Merrill Wants (Businessweek.com , 06/21/2005)
Recruiter Connie Thanasoulis says MBAs looking to land a job "have to do their homework," especially about the hiring process
Hotter Jobs, New Faces, More Cash (Businessweek.com , 05/31/2005)
An improving economy means better prospects for MBAs, a survey finds.
Tips for Last-Minute Job Shoppers (Businessweek.com , 05/27/2005)
Here is some advice on how to succeed in the year-round hiring environment
Just-in-Time Jobs (Businessweek.com , 05/27/2005)
Since the Internet bust, more employers are ignoring the traditional hiring season to scout talent year-round
How to become (or not become) a CEO (inc.com , 05/25/2005)
The past weekend's graduation speeches provided inspiration for ambitious young MBA grads and slackers -- er, dreamers -- alike. William Johnson, CEO of Heinz, delivered...
MBA Graduates Take Entrepreneurial Plunge (CollegeJournal.com, 05/25/2005)
Business-school students often have go with their gut when making career decisions.
Meet Me in St. Louis (Businessweek.com , 05/23/2005)
Jim Beirne, head of Olin career services, aims to broaden the school's influence by delivering "world-class job search education"
Stepping Onto the Right Career Path (Businessweek.com , 05/23/2005)
Prospective MBAs need to ask themselves what they expect from their degrees and future careers, says author Ira Wolfe
Recruiting for the Cola Wars (Businessweek.com , 05/10/2005)
MBAs hoping to join PepsiCo should have "street smarts" and be ready to fight its archrival, says Executive Staffing Director John Delpino
The Top Employers For M.B.A. Students (CollegeJournal.com, 05/10/2005)
Banks and consulting firms make a comeback on a survey that asked business-school students to name their ideal employers.
"Personal" Job Advice at Cambridge (Businessweek.com , 04/21/2005)
That's the kind of attention its B-school's careers office can offer since the MBA program is small, says adviser Peter Reid
Passport to an Overseas Career (Businessweek.com , 04/21/2005)
It's tougher for American MBAs to work abroad, says Jane Willis of the Moore B-school, so the accent is on effective résumé and interviewing skills
Less Ivy Among Big-Company MBAs (Businessweek.com , 04/19/2005)
Among the other surprises in a Wharton study: Employers want immediate skills, and many grads who'll run a company won't start there
Grade Inflation: Devaluing B-Schools' Currency (Businessweek.com , 04/19/2005)
A new study shows how prevalent the problem is, with colleges trying varying solutions and recruiters finding it tough to assess students
UBS: Getting to Know You (Businessweek.com , 04/19/2005)
MBA recruiting boss Tamasine Bogle discusses what the firm looks for in an employee -- and one of the biggest mistakes candidates make during interviews
A Reality Check at Mays School (Businessweek.com , 04/14/2005)
Students need to learn how to manage their career, says Jim Dixey of Texas A&M's B-school, "now and forever"
Capitalizing on B-School Talent (Businessweek.com , 04/06/2005)
Amy Hale, AOL's head of university relations, explains why school-based consulting projects are invaluable tools in recruiting qualified MBAs
Savvy Job Hunters Research Office Culture (CollegeJournal.com, 04/01/2005)
Many job seekers pay little attention to a prospective employer's culture, and that's a mistake, experts say.
Wanted: MBAs "With a Clear Direction" (Businessweek.com , 03/30/2005)
Gallup's Jacques Murphy explains the importance of "strong mental athleticism" and why the firm has such a low employee turnover rate
A Notre Dame Mentor Says: Be Prepared (Businessweek.com , 03/25/2005)
MBAs should start their job search early, not take it personally, and be familiar with "99% of the questions they will receive in the interview," says Karen O. Dowd
When You Suspect Interviewers Want Free Consulting Advice (WSJ College , 03/25/2005)
Job hunters sometimes think interviewers are fishing for advice to help solve their business problems. Find out how to respond to the "how would you fix..." question.
"A Balance of Confidence and Humility" (Businessweek.com , 03/24/2005)
Here's what Deere & Co. recruiters want to see from candidates for its Strategic Management Program, a conduit to permanent employment
More M.B.A.s Place Bets On the Gaming Industry (CollegeJournal.com, 03/08/2005)
Graduate-business students are targeting job opportunities in the hotel and casino industry as gambling fever continues to grow, from the Nevada desert to Indian reservations to faraway Macau. They be
Stuck in a Career Rut? Leverage Your M.B.A. (CollegeJournal.com, 03/04/2005)
Has your time in business school failed to pay dividends -- even after five years? Here's how to gain recognition both inside and outside your company.
Tech Firms Recruit More M.B.A. Grads (CollegeJournal.com, 03/03/2005)
Many technology firms that slashed jobs in leaner times are finding they must hire to position themselves for growth, which means competition for top candidates is intensifying.
Higher Salaries Await Recent Graduates (CollegeJournal.com, 02/28/2005)
Dissatisfied with your entry-level pay? A new survey might bring an end to your disappointment with evidence that U.S. employees can expect a pay raise in 2005. Find out what the news means for your p
Graduate Grooming to Get Ahead (Businessweek.com , 02/24/2005)
Rice University B-school's Charlotte Linn Stein on the career-planning resources students are offered and what job-hunting mistakes to avoid
Land the Job You Want With an A-List Internship (CollegeJournal.com, 02/23/2005)
At some companies, an internship is the next best thing to a guaranteed full-time job offer after graduation. We rank the top programs that will pay off when it's time to find a full-time job.
Coming on Strong at Babson (Businessweek.com , 02/22/2005)
Don't hesitate to let recruiters know about the challenges you have met and vanquished, says career-development director David Fetherston
After the Accounting Scandals: More Work and Opportunity (WSJ College , 02/15/2005)
There's no shortage of challenges for the accounting profession as it tries to fix a reputation tarnished by the blow-ups of Enron Corp., WorldCom Inc. and a host of other clients. Here are 10 hot top
Making the Grade at Goldman (Businessweek.com , 02/10/2005)
Aaron Marcus, the investment bank's chief of campus recruiting, says in its "consensus-driven culture, you must be persuasive to succeed"
A Balancing Act at Intel (Businessweek.com , 02/09/2005)
Bernie Kim wanted a challenging mix of work and life after getting his MBA. Here's how he found it in operations finance
Spreading the Word in Boston (Businessweek.com , 02/08/2005)
Rather than wait for recruiters, Carroll School of Management feeds news of accomplished students into its network of corporate contacts
Will a Degree Lead To a Great Career? (CollegeJournal.com, 02/04/2005)
Wondering if additional education is the right path for you to follow? Here's how to determine if a diploma, or experience, would work best in your unique situation.
An Optimistic Outlook For 2005 Hiring Plans (CollegeJournal.com, 02/03/2005)
According to employment experts, 2005 could be a very good year for the job market, and demand for talent crosses virtually every sector.
Pumped Up at Enbridge (Businessweek.com , 01/03/2005)
Moin Kazi relates how his choice of MBA courses helped him to win a risk analyst job at the gas utility and what a typical day is like
Business school grads see 27% jump in pay (Boston Works, 09/12/2004)
Annual pay is up for recent MBA graduates around the world, with average salaries increasing 27 percent over the last eight years
MBAs in Class of 2004 Enjoy More Job Offers (CollegeJournal.com, 08/01/2004)
As the economy heats up, so are job prospects for graduating students with MBAs
Recruiters Reveal Their Top Interview Questions (CollegeJournal.com, 03/09/2004)
No matter how much you prepare, you never know what some recruiters will ask in interviews. You'll be ahead of the game if you know what employers are trying to learn about you through their question
For MBAs, The Famine Is Over (Businessweek.com , 11/24/2003)
Spring 2003 grads find that job offers are finally starting to come in
The Unwritten Rules Of Job-Search E-Mail (CollegeJournal.com, 10/16/2003)
To successfully connect with employers via e-mail, you need to carefully consider every detail, including the subject line of your message. Here are guidelines to keep your correspondence from being...
M.B.A. Students Return With Job Offers in Hand (CollegeJournal.com, 10/09/2003)
While no one knows for sure whether this year's recruiting season will pick up for b-school grads, it's looking brighter for some second-year students who secured job offers from their summer internships.
The Talent Hunter's Guide to Business Schools (Business 2.0 , 09/10/2003)
What's beyond grade-point averages and student-to-faculty ratios? Here's the lowdown on the nation's best business schools -- and what you really get when you hire their MBAs.
Survey Reveals Ultimate Career Goals of MBAs (MBACareers.com, 07/21/2003)
MBACareers.com Finds Gender Gap in Male and Female Career Aspirations
MBA graduates at small firms 'better paid' (Business Europe, 05/13/2003)
Masters in Business Administration (MBA) graduates who work for SMEs earn more than those employed by larger companies, according to new research.
Yale, Harvard M.B.A. No Sure Ticket to a Job, '03 Grads Learn (Bloomberg, 05/05/2003)
``It's the toughest recruiting environment this school has seen in a long time,'' said Matthew Merrick, the director of career services at the Harvard Business School.
Top MBA students shun Internet companies, large paychecks, survey says (Bizjournals.com , 05/05/2003)
MBA students from the top 10 of the nation's business schools will be thumbing their nose at large paychecks and dot-coms after graduation, preferring
Job outlook improves for MBA grads (Bizjournals.com , 03/17/2003)
There's good news waiting for this year's crop of MBA grads when they're handed their diplomas: They're the only group of workers that recruiters for the typical company estimate will increase in number within the overall hiring mix in 2003
MBA schools hot, hiring market not (Washington Times, 01/23/2003)
Business schools have been flooded with applications for the second year in a row, though the labor market remains extremely tight for graduates of business administration master's programs.
Would an MBA help me to change career? (Which MBA, 01/15/2003)
Although an MBA can add qualities, it cannot change you
MBA Job Prospects: Any Brighter? (Businessweek.com , 01/08/2003)
Live chat with MBA career-services veteran Al Cotrone, from U of Michigan
Your Recruiting Questions Answered (MBA jungle, 10/31/2002)
A stockpile of information about the recruiting process. Which you'll probably find useful. Right about now.
The Hiring Picture Gets a Bit Brighter (Businessweek.com , 08/07/2002)
Job-hunters shouldn't celebrate just yet, but a new survey suggests better days are ahead -- particularly in the financial-services sector
A Tough Job in a Tough Job Market (Businessweek.com , 08/01/2002)
And Matthew Merrick, chief of Harvard's career-services offices, says
What to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer (CollegeJournal.com, 06/17/2002)
Carefully assessing a potential employer can help you avert a career disaster. Here's advice on how to find out what your future work environment might really be like.
Even Hot B-School Grads Face a Chilly Market (Businessweek.com , 03/25/2002)
The result: The MBA class of 2002 is facing the toughest hiring environment of any since the mid-1990s
Where the Jobs Are, 2002 (Businessweek.com , 01/10/2002)
Career experts see health care and security as the promising sources of employment opportunities
Hiring Outlook 2002, Part 1 (Businessweek.com , 01/09/2002)
Will this year bring a resurgence in managerial placements? Our wide-ranging panel of experts has at least some good news
Eight Questions Every MBA Should Ask (fortune.com , 11/01/2001)

An Expert´s view of the MBA Hiring Landscape (CollegeJournal.com, 05/01/2001)

Recruiting Experts Tell All: The Ultimate Recruiting Playbook (MBA jungle, 12/15/2000)
Take recruiters by storm with these top-secret tips, tricks, and guerrilla tactics for every stage of the job-search process. Example: The sharpest job candidates have two resumés, a ready drink order, and a winning way with rent-a-cops.
Switching Careers: On the Right Track (MBA jungle, 09/01/2000)
Thinking about ditching your day job for a cool new career? What would it take to make the leap? We've got the stories of several who've done it-plus, secrets to making a successful switch.
The MBA Draft (Industry Standard , 03/29/1999)
We scouted the country - and the world - for soon-to-graduate students who have a range of competencies and are eager to play for the Internet Economy. The Standard presents our top five picks for the B-school lottery of 1999
McKinsey 101 follow-up article (Forbes , 05/18/1998)
In this follow-up article, Forbes polls executives about letting MBAs advice them. ($)
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Nail the Job: Every Tool You'll Need to Land Your Dream Job and Master Your Career
by MBA Jungle

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