MBA Degrees Are Best Route To Coveted Senior Banking Ranks

MBA Degrees Are Best Route To Coveted Senior Banking Ranks A business school education is still one of the best routes to senior roles in the financial services industry, according to a new analysis of London-based bankers.

An MBA improves bankers’ chances of reaching the top, with 21% of banks’ managing directors – typically the top rank at banks apart from Goldman Sachs – having obtained the degree.

The figures were compiled based on analysis of data from 1,650 finance employees in front office positions at London banks by, a salary benchmarking website.

“MBAs are a hot topic in tough economic times,” said Thomas Drewry, CEO at Emolument.

It will be welcome news for business students, who have entered the financial sector in fewer numbers as banks have faced reputational challenges, and increased regulation since the crisis.

At London Business School in 2007, 46% of MBA students got jobs in finance, but in 2013 only 28% did. At Chicago’s Booth School of Business, the number of students landing jobs in investment banking fell from 30% in 2007 to just 16% last year...

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