How to woo the MBA admissions committee

What do admissions committees look for in an MBA candidate?

What do admissions committees look for in an MBA candidate? The answer is as varied as the motivations of the applicants and the many flavours of MBA degrees that now make up part of the Canadian business school landscape.

When it comes to gaining entry, previous academic performance and Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores are critical. "We look for a solid B in the final two years of an undergraduate degree and we have minimum required scores on both the quantitative and verbal sections of the GMAT," says Isabella Piatek, manager MBA programs at the DeGroote School of Business. That said, there are other qualities that can help sway the decision. "We look for a well rounded candidate to bring a diverse set of experiences, who can communicate well, has passion and is engaged," says Ms. Piatek.

One of the key areas of focus for Brock University is fit, says Shari Sekel, director of graduate programs for the university's faculty of business. "We are trying to make sure that what a student is trying to achieve with their MBA is something our program is capable of delivering. Not all MBA programs are alike. There are similarities, but they all have different specializations, styles of learn-ing, opportunities, extra-curricular activities. We want to make sure there is a good fit between the expectations of the student and the realities of our program."...

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