6.6. Using the Web

With your education and background, there is certainly a perfect job waiting for you out there – possibly a dozen. The problem is finding it. The Internet has opened a new way to search hundreds of companies and thousands of openings. And it’s free.

The Internet has not only added millions of jobs to the market, it has also revolutionized the job search process. The web search can be frustrating and time-consuming – after all there are hundreds of excellent sites, and thousands of postings, making it hard to find what you are looking for. Therefore, when conducting an Internet search, keep in mind the following:

– Visit all the most important sites and perform at least one quick search specifically targeted at what you are looking for. You will immediately identify those sites that appeal to you and those that don’t.

– Bookmark not more than 5 or 6, and visit them regularly (once a week, at least). Try to achieve depth (get to know well your favorite sites) instead of width (visit them all, all the time).

– Have a text resume at hand when surfing. It will save a lot of time whenever you need to register and write or paste your resume.

– Using Keywords:

– Always use MBA – it will filter those MBA level jobs from the rest.

– Use your desired functional area – e.g. finance, logistics, or any other.

– Use your language(s) and your country – it will probably yield more targeted results

– Put them all together – something like MBA SPANISH FINANCE, or MBA CHINA MARKETING.

– Use multiple search engines. Not only will they save time, they will also give you an idea of the differences between different approaches. We recommend CareerIndex (http://www.careerindex.com).

– Many job postings are not on the web – they are on Newsgroups. In fact, there are dozens of newsgroups specifically targeted at jobs in a certain field or jobs in a certain geographic area.

– Use niche (area specific) job sites, rather than general sites. Good sites are available for finance, marketing, IT, and most of the MBA concentration areas. ( Getting a Job/Jobs by Area)

– Limit your time surfing. With hundreds of sites, each containing hundreds of pages of resources, advice and jobs, it is very easy to get lost. Limit your time to a number of hours a day or a week, and establish goals to be accomplished every time you go online.