6.5. Use technology

Not only you can use technology to help your recruiting efforts, but using it will also improve your image. Some technologies to consider:

– The Web: Building you personal website will not only teach you a new skill, but will make your resume available from anywhere, at any time. Consider building a creative, yet conservative, yourself.com site. As a foreigner, you may think it’s too sophisticated, but it’s not in the US.

– E-mail: You will necessarily use e-mail in your recruiting efforts. Go beyond the basics: automate your mailings (great for follow up), write a professionally looking signature for your e-mails, use autoresponders when out of town, use e-mail to voice and voice to e-mail services (e.g. http://www.efax.com or http://www.jfax.com)

– Cellular phone: Never miss a call. If you do miss it, the cellular phone will allow you to get back to the caller very soon.

– PDA (i.e. PalmPilot): Should help you stay organized. It is almost a required tool in B-School.

– Voice Mail: There are many inexpensive voice mail systems these days. Make sure you set up a professional sounding message. You might want to try an 800 number.

– Notebook: Mandatory in many schools, allows you to carry all your information with you. Furthermore, will let you access many resources (e.g. Internet) from anywhere you go.

– Contact Management Software: Programs like Symantec ACT will allow you to organize contacts and relationships even better.

– Job search agents: Many career sites on the Internet offer search agents – you fill a certain profile or some keywords, and the agent will notify you via e-mail when a new job posting is entered into their database that matches your query. They are free, and only require a few minutes of your time.

– Post your resume/profile as much as possible: There is no need to spam. However, with so many free resume posting services around, it is worthwhile – you never know where a job offer will come from.