3.3. Legal

Hiring an American is extremely simple. Hiring a foreign person means some degree of trouble. Generally speaking, many companies are not well educated in immigration issues for foreign individuals, and believe it is extremely complex and risky. Thus, given two equally qualified candidates, companies will likely hire the American.

How to overcome:

Specialize. Don’t just count on your background and MBA – you will be very much like everybody else. Take special courses (outside B-School). Pick up other skills that can differentiate you.

Stay open: As the chances for a foreign MBA to find a job in the US are slimmer than for Americans, you should not be as focused as them in choosing a career. The keyword is “focused but open” (e.g. instead of focusing on derivatives sales and trading, widen your search to ANY sales and trading).

Focus on your competitive advantage: You may want to change careers, but recruiters appreciate experience. Consider giving up the highly desirable I-Banking or Consulting jobs in favor of jobs in your area of expertise – it sounds boring, but it greatly improves your chances. You can always change careers later on.