11.1. What recruiters expect

A cover letter introducing yourself, and explaining why you are the right person for the job.

A Resume not longer than 2 pages, preferably 1 page. It is not advisable to include an Objectives statement.

Assertiveness, aggressiveness and self-confidence.

Adequate oral communication (that includes, being a good listener).

Open and direct responses on:
– Career and personal goals
– Career and personal accomplishments
– Experiences and hobbies
– Strengths and weaknesses
– Academic performance
– Personality

Adequate personal appearance:
– Formal suit or dress
– Clean clothing and shoes
– Conservative look

Adequate attitude during interview:
– Relaxed posture
– Eye contact
– Formality, yet a sense of humor

Absolute truth in everything you say

Intelligent questions about:
– The company
– The position
– The recruiters position and experience in the company

No mention of the candidate’s personal information (because discrimination is illegal):
– Race
– Age
– National origin
– Sex inclination
– Marital status
– Health

Depending on the type of position:
– Case resolution (Consulting, marketing)
– Accurate responses to “academic” questions (like grades, courses taken, qualifications)
– Test the candidate’s reaction to pressure (Investment Banking)