Consultants lure MBA interns with better pay than investment banks

Consultants lure MBA interns with better pay than investment banks Choosing an internship should never be about the money, particularly for MBAs who likely have a fairly clear plan in place for their career. That said, who isn’t curious about what other people are taking home during their internship? And if you are struggling between two different industries, like say investment management and investment banking, compensation isn’t the worst tiebreaker in the world.

Below is recently released data from New York University’s Stern School of Business. It details the average weekly base salary its students earned during their internship, categorized by industry. These are internships that students who are scheduled to graduate in 2015 undertook between their first and second year in business school.

The main takeaway is that MBA interns make fairly strong salaries in most industries, though it’s important to point out that Stern is a top 10 U.S. business school on most lists, so adjust your expectations accordingly. It’s ranked the third best U.S. graduate school for getting a job in finance on one list. We rank it as the ninth best school for getting a job in investment banking globally.

Plus, as Stern is located in the heart of New York City, most students likely worked close to home where wages are inflated to help meet the cost of living. Stern didn’t break the class down by city, but noted that 83% of students interned in the Northeast. Roughly 94% worked in the U.S...

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