Business school education a solid investment: Survey

Business school (B-School) alumni say management courses help them earn more compensation, exercise enhanced purchasing power and rise to executive ranks, according to the findings of a Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey of about 12,000 B-School alumni.

The results of the 2015 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report offer a global snapshot of employment and career progression for graduate business school alumni representing batches 1959 through 2014. Of those surveyed, most said their engagement with their respective business school alumni associations contributed to their success.

"Graduate management degree-holders consistently tell GMAC their education is a solid investment and a spur to personal, professional and financial achievement, even in up-and-down economies," said Sangeet Chowfla, president and chief executive of GMAC.

Conducted in October-November 2014, the survey covered the alumni of about 230 graduate business programmes at 71 universities, in 16 locations across the globe. Of those surveyed, 95 per cent rated their graduate management education as 'good to outstanding'; 93 per cent said they would recommend their graduate business programme to others.

Further, 90 per cent credited graduate management education with increasing their earning power. In developed, as well as developing, economies, graduate management alumni exercise enhanced purchasing power. A global analysis of their salaries by work location in relation to gross domestic product (GDP) and purchasing-power-parity per capita shows the purchasing power of business school alumni is 1.6-6.8 times that of an average resident of the country concerned.

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