Building a network just as valuable as the MBA degree itself

Building a network just as valuable as the MBA degree itself If I had to choose one takeaway to share as I make the transition from my MBA into the corporate world, it would be that relationships matter. Period.

Looking back on my journey submerged in textbooks, case competitions, formulas and all-nighters puts a smile on my face. I acquired a top-calibre education, instilled the proper work habits, refined my teamwork aptitude and, most importantly, expanded my network in all the right ways.

Mission accomplished, right? Absolutely.

To me, my network is everything. But let’s rewind and unravel this topic further.

It’s fascinating how what’s important changes based on immediacy and circumstances – and both graduate school and life thereafter can certainly attest to this.

Let me give you an example.

As a sales and marketing professional now, my to-do list is far from building pro formas, balancing income statements or calculating the EBITA of a potential investment. But a few months ago this stuff was important and consumed me.

It’s incredible how fast-paced and volatile life and business are these days. Having a quality, diverse and expanded network with meaningful relationships can act as your foundation no matter the flavour of the week. A constant and stabilizer, if you will.

The old saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know” is fundamentally changing the way we conduct business. I make sure to invest, cultivate and nurture my network every chance I get by keeping up-to-date. There’s really no point in having a network if you only reach out to it when you need something. Relationships take work and attention, and your circle of colleagues and acquaintances is no exception.

I jumped into an MBA to gain business acumen and came out with the network, tool set and versatility that substantially increased my career’s trajectory.

So much so that my network was my primary resource when manoeuvering through the job hunt. At the end of the day, my skills set and education got me through the door but the relationships I’ve formed over the years sealed the deal.

Fittingly, I found a company that fundamentally embodies the power of relationships. I currently work for the social media juggernaut LinkedIn – where every day I’m inspired to live out what I’ve learned and connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

I guess things do really come full circle.

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