Asian MBA Programs on the Rise

It's official: Management education in Asia is booming

With four schools firmly ensconced in the Financial Times top 20 global M.B.A. rankings"China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Hong Kong UST Business School, the Indian School of Business, and the Indian Institute of Management"those who pursue an M.B.A. in Asia are banking on the idea that studying in the region will open doors faster, and wider, than ever before.

Flexibility and cost are just two factors swaying applicants to look at programs in the Far East. Most are much shorter than the traditional two-year program in the United States and are significantly less expensive than the top American programs.

For international applicants, a program in their home country or region may offer better opportunities for career advancement. And as a student from the United States pursuing international opportunities, a school in the target region may have similar benefits...

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