5 Ways an MBA Makes You an Ideal Candidate

It’s never been better to be a young professional in Boston. The city has a booming tech scene, it houses some of the best companies in the country, and it's filled to the brim with talented individuals. Yet, as with all good things, there’s a downside. Amongst the best and the brightest, how do you stand out? How do you snag a top paying job at one of these highly-ranked firms? If you’re asking yourself these questions, it might be time to consider an MBA.

I know what you’re thinking. What can learning about business in an MBA program teach me that I wouldn’t learn in the workforce? However, there’s a reason MBA programs have been fundamental to successful business men and women since the inception of the MBA--which was locally done at Harvard--in 1908. An MBA allows you to develop fundamental skills that will help you succeed in your career and make you indespensable to an employer. Here are 5 ways an MBA will make you a standout candidate.

You're a Leader People Want to Follow

Leadership positions are highly sought after in the business world. Not only because they tend to come with a flush salary, but also because they allow an individual to have a huge influence on the direction of the organization. MBA Programs recognize the importance of these roles and focus on developing highly skilled leaders. The curriculum is based around opportunities that encourage leadership and enable students to fully explore what it means to be an individual coworkers respect and listen to.

You're an Entrepreneur who Uses Innovation to Find New Opportunities

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about independently starting your own business. It’s a mindset. Entrepreneurial thinking is a way to see the world through the guise of solving a problem. MBA Programs teach students to identify problems that require solutions and to react in a flexible and innovative manner to whatever the business world throws at them.

You're a Strategic Thinker who Sees Solutions that Others Don't

If you’re looking to land anywhere near the C-Suite, you have better be able to think strategically. Strategic thinkers are able to analyze a situation from all angles, picking up on specific and often hidden details that others miss. Strategic thinking, like all skills, takes practice. An MBA Program teaches you how to become aware of key details that you might not have even known to look for.

You're Emotionally Intelligent and Can Relate to Others

An MBA Program establishes an environment that fosters peer interaction. Through group projects, classroom discussions, and even peer to peer networking, MBA candidates develop their interpersonal skills every step of the way. Emotional Intelligence is a key asset to a well-run team, and honing your interpersonal skills allow you to better interact with others and work together to achieve a common goal.

You're an Excellent Communicator who Listens and Takes Action

Beyond sending a well-written email or having having a pleasant phone conversation, communication is about being able to successfully convey an idea. Every person has their own method of communication, and as an accomplished businessperson you must be able to adapt to the communication styles you encounter. MBA Programs help students identify and develop effective communication skills that help them accurately explain their message while effectively listening to what those around them have to say.

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