13 MBAs that are really worth your money

Sure, you want to get an M.B.A. to make a higher salary and you may even be willing to plunk down the small fortune that the top programs are charging these days. But, still, you’ll want to make sure such an investment will pay off. So it’s worth checking out this list of M.B.A.s in the U.S. ranked by return-on-investment, calculated using total tuition cost and average graduate salary. The big names are all over this list, which probably comes as much-needed solace for grads who have dropped over $100,000 for their degrees. But there are also a few schools that may not have caught your attention before and come in under $55,000.

We’ve included the school’s U.S. News & World Report ranking as a point of comparison. Three of the top 13 schools significantly outperform their overall U.S. News ranking when it comes to ROI. Many of the bigger names have a slightly lower ranking when it comes to ROI than overall, but when it comes to the top of the top, it looks like grads are getting exactly what they’re paying for...

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