10 Most Expensive Public Online MBA Programs

10 Most Expensive Public Online MBA Programs Students looking to earn an online MBA may have an easier time getting into some of the top programs. But that doesn't mean they'll have an easier time paying the bills.

Tuition at many online programs isn't necessarily a deal when compared with the costs at some on-ground MBA programs.

Online students don't have to pay commuting costs, and if they're working while in school, they don't lose wages, either. But when it comes to tuition, their options run the gamut.

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Total program costs at public online MBA programs range from just above $2,000 at the low end to more than $95,000 at the high end in 2014-2015, according to U.S. News data collected from 69 public online MBA programs.

The University of North Carolina¬óChapel Hill, which tied for No. 1 in the online MBA rankings, had the highest total costs. Students in that program will pay a total of $96,775, according to data reported to U.S. News.

Online MBA students at Southeastern Oklahoma State University are at the other end of the spectrum. The total cost for that program is $2,066.

Students at UNC and the other nine most expensive public online MBA programs pay significantly more than most of their peers. On average, students attending public online MBA programs in 2014-2015 pay $25,525 in total program costs.

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Below are the 10 public online MBA programs with the highest total program costs based on 2014-2015 rates. The list does not include schools not ranked by U.S. News. Unranked programs do not meet certain criteria that U.S. News requires to be numerically ranked.

U.S. News did not ask schools whether these rates were different for in-state and out-of-state students, so students may find the cost of these programs differs depending upon where they reside...

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